Steel Dreams

About the Series

Steel Dreams is the weekly half-hour television show that launched today's popular motor sports programming with unprecedented border-to-border and coast-to-coast "on-site" coverage of exciting races, speed events and big shows filled with industry superstars, high-profile celebrities, famed designer/builders and all the beautiful, rich and famous people that are always on hand.

"Steel Dreams has a rich history of groundbreaking cutting-edge television," states John Mansfield, President of Mansfield Television Distributing, "and the 2006 season is the best ever."

Ever since its first air-date in Fall 2001 Steel Dreams has been at the forefront of discovering and/or introducing new talent and in providing up-to-the-minute coverage of emerging new trends.

Steel Dreams was the very first to introduce Jesse James (of Monster Garage fame) to a national TV audience. It also aired the first national interview of famed custom bike designer/builder Arlen Ness and was the first show to feature renown custom bike painter Dave Perewitz. Steel Dreams dubbed Perewitz the "Father of the Flame" ˝ a catchy nickname that both stuck and remains his "trademark" signature to this day.

Steel Dreams continues to lead the way in capturing all the unique and edgy excitement of motor sports in an action-packed half-hour format that appeals to today's broad audience and constantly changing demographics which now includes high family viewership and a growing legion of loyal female fans.

Now in its fifth season, Steel Dreams reaches over 76 million homes in 137 major markets every week over 70% of all U.S. markets via 216 affiliates and nine cable networks.

If it's new, exciting and cutting-edge Steel Dreams will bring it to you. From NASCAR to offshore powerboat racing if itÝs a location where engines roar, tires peel-out or dirt bikes soar through the air Steel Dreams will take you there (often putting you onboard or behind the wheel). And if it's beauty you want, gleaming steel or otherwise Steel Dreams is the place to be.

It's not motor sports on TV it's Steel Dreams TV. Real life action.

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